Eva Faulkner brings new creativity to change and engagement

Creative change management and strategic engagement have become increasingly important within companies navigating transformation and growth. We know all about it at Moore Moroney Consulting. Which is why we draw on our specialised range of experience, skills and creativity when we work with our clients. We love to help them navigate the change rollercoaster and practice creative change management. 

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I joined the Moore-Moroney Consulting team in August 2022. Since then, I have enjoyed putting my unique talents to use driving organisational success and growth. And my background in creative arts, with particular interest in how psychology, philosophy and communication intersect, has been invaluable while working with our clients to drive change. 

A born communicator 

As an extrovert with strong interpersonal skills, I love to engage people and build relationships quickly. My outgoing and energetic personality makes me a powerful communicator and facilitator. While my warmth and approachability allow others to feel a sense of trust and comfort. Something that’s essential in working with teams and individuals, both facilitating and undergoing change. I articulate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, as well as present in person and in front of the camera confidently and eloquently. It’s critical to any project and creative change management.

A creative change management approach 

Creative problem solving is an essential component of creative change management, engagement and communication. My background in the creative arts has taught me how to approach problems from multiple perspectives, think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions. And my understanding of creative writing, design and aesthetics also helps me to create compelling visual and written communication materials. How else can we engage and motivate employees and our target audiences? 

By leveraging my creative talents, I’m able to bring a unique perspective to my work, offering a level of value and insight that sets me apart from others in the field. For example, on a recent project with mining company Anglo American, I worked seamlessly with another third-party organisation and their animators to translate text into visuals – those screenwriting classes coming in handy after all! 

The psychology of creative change management

My ongoing study of psychology has been a powerful resource in my work. I understand how people react to change. And the breadth of emotions and thought processes that drive those reactions. It’s been extremely useful in creatively managing change and engagement and developing strategies for unique needs and perspectives within an organisation. Equipped to anticipate and address potential roadblocks or resistance to change, I can create communication plans that resonate with employees and audiences on a deeper level. I’m able to approach my work with an empathetic, people-focused mindset, leading to greater project success and buy-in from employees. 

The philosophy of transformation

My interest in philosophy has proven to be instrumental in my work as a change and engagement consultant. Philosophy provides a framework for understanding the underlying values and beliefs that drive an organisation and how these can impact employee engagement and productivity. By understanding the philosophy and purpose behind an organisation or project, I can help clients to create a culture that aligns with their values and goals, leading to greater employee satisfaction and engagement. 

So, with each project the consultants at Moore Moroney Consulting approach complex problems with a critical and analytical mindset. It allows us to identify and address root causes of problems rather than simply treating the symptom. This approach leads to more effective and lasting solutions, and ultimately drives greater success for our clients. 

I’m excited to continue using my knowledge to create a positive and lasting impact for my clients as a part of the Moore-Moroney Consulting team

To work with me, contact me at: eva@mooremoroneyconsulting.com.

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