Welcome to Moore Moroney Consulting.

We are a team of friendly and mobile individuals who can help you with most of your change, communication and project management needs. We’ve worked with senior management of some of the world’s largest and well-known corporate and financial organisations, and have experience working on large-scale government projects.


Jacqui greyscale_l

Jacqui’s sophisticated understanding and knowledge of change communication has enabled large, multi-national companies navigate and promote intricate, and often complicated, transformation programmes. As a proactive and creative professional,  Jacqui can lead the design, development and delivery of a successful and strategic communication plan to engage your workforce.

She enjoys working with other innovative people, senior management and teams to build engaging campaigns and advise on fit-for-purpose content for strategic change and transformation programs.



Daniel in suit 2 grey

Daniel is a market researcher and project manager with an excellent understanding of all aspects of insights research and a proven track record leading large teams to achieve their strategic goals.

He enjoys designing, managing and delivering successful and profitable customer research projects, primarily in the areas of customer experience, marketing evaluation and behavioural research.