Change champions enable change success

At Moore Moroney Consulting, we follow comprehensive stakeholder and benefit mapping processes. This allows us to identify, analyse and prioritise stakeholders relevant to our change and engagement projects. And, it helps us identify some very key figures, called change champions. 

Who are change champions?

A change champion is a person or group of people within an organisation who are passionate and committed to driving and implementing a change initiative. They may not be in management roles. But they are usually leaders or advocates for the change and work to persuade others to adopt new ways of doing things. 

How they contribute to change success

Change champions are often selected because they communicate effectively, inspire and motivate others, and work collaboratively across different teams and departments. And because they play a critical role in supporting the success of change management efforts. Usually by helping to overcome resistance, build buy-in and support and create a culture that is open to change. 

Moore Moroney Consulting what change champions do

Identifying change champions is crucial for any change project because they can 

  • create buy-in from others: Change champions are often individuals who have credibility and influence within the organisation. By endorsing the project, they can convince others to buy-in and participate in the change process.
  • help overcome resistance: Resistance to change is natural, and champions of change can help overcome this resistance by engaging in dialogue and addressing concerns. 
  • provide training and support to those who are struggling to adjust to the changes, 
  • act as advocates: Change champions are passionate about the project and can act as advocates, promoting the benefits of the change to others within the organisation. 
  • provide feedback: Change champions can provide feedback to the project team, identifying areas for improvement or suggesting alternative approaches. This feedback can help fine-tune the project to ensure its success.
  • provide leadership: Change champions often possess leadership skills that are valuable in guiding the change process. They can motivate and inspire others to embrace the change and work together to achieve the project goals. 

How to support change champions 

Identifying change champions is essential, but it’s equally important to support and nurture them throughout the project. Providing them with the necessary resources and tools, as well as recognition for their contribution, can help ensure their continued engagement and commitment to the project. 

Collaborating with change champions

Selecting and working with change champions is critical in any change management project. At Moore Moroney Consulting, we are experts at identifying and supporting change champions as we manage change for our clients. By leveraging their skills and influence, we can help organisations to successfully implement change and achieve their objectives. We build strong relationships with our selected champions and work with them to create buy-in, overcome resistance and gain crucial feedback during the change process. 

Find out how we do it by getting in contact with us today. We’re always up for at chat about all things change management.

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