Moore Moroney Consulting is built on dreams and challenges (an origin story)

In the beginning

Jacqui had always had big dreams and loved challenges. Growing up, she spent much of her time imagining what it would be like to explore far-off lands, meet new people, and make a difference in the world. She always worked hard and learned a lot, but she always felt like there was something missing. So when she got married in 2012 and moved to London on her honeymoon, she was thrilled to really start her adventure.

She wanted to use her passion for improving the culture and environment around her, but she wasn’t sure how to do it. Pondering if it was a waste to throw away her eight-years’ experience as a banker and customer relationship manager, she ventured into the world of insurance. With her Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing/Management, Jacqui was able to secure a job in the marketing department.

Jacqui’s love for dreams and challenges didn’t stop at work. In her spare time Jacqui travelled the world with her new husband, managed a travel blog aptly named Never Ending Honeymoon, and wrote a column for a local publication. It brought her joy and helped her get the confidence to take the next leap in her career.

A view of St Paul's Cathedral in London from a shopping centre corridor in which the cathedral is reflected in the building glass on each side.

Dreams and challenges = an epiphany

One day, while working on a global cultural change project for the insurance company, Jacqui had an epiphany. She realized that she still loved working with people and had a unique talent for improving the way things worked. In each of her previous roles, whether in a small bank or in a big business, she found herself working across several teams to bring people together, improve the culture and make processes more efficient.

With this realization, Jacqui started to explore new opportunities, new dreams and new challenges. In 2014, Jacqui decided to take the plunge and start her own consulting business. She called it Moore Moroney Consulting and focused on helping businesses improve their sustainability through digital transformation and people-focused initiatives. She was nervous at first, but she was also excited to see where her passion and skills could take her.

While in London, she worked with a variety of clients as a freelancer for a creative agency before venturing back into banking as a communication manager in HR of a global bank. The first year was tough, but Jacqui persevered. She worked hard to find new clients and build her experience across change management and communication. She gained experience working on the roll out of an internal Intranet platform, training employees to use digital tools more efficiently, communication planning and strategy, and driving cultural change.

Dreams (and challenges) open doors

Taking on a Swiss bank in 2015 was challenging work, but Jacqui loved it. The team of women she worked with in the change and communication space were inspirational. She finally found herself as the leading change manager for several global projects with a focus on digital transformation and people. Working with the bank and across many projects, she built long-lasting relationships and friendships with many stakeholders and teams.

Jacqui stands in Bishops Gate in London, at the front of the UBS head office built in 2016

But Jacqui wanted more. She wanted to take on bigger challenges and make an even greater impact on community and environmental sustainability. Returning to Australia with her husband in 2017, they settled in Brisbane and continued to work remotely with clients in Europe. Jacqui worked on a few projects with the Queensland Government and with local women starting their own businesses. Staying true to her own dreams, she also completed executive education certificates in digital transformation and business sustainability management.

Challenge accepted

In 2021, Moore Moroney Consulting started to grow. Jacqui knew that the mining industry needed significant improvement in sustainability and people-focused initiatives, and she was excited to take on the challenge. So, she employed two young women to work with new clients in the mining industry, and they hit the ground running. Alaryse Whitton and Eva Faulkner work hard to bring strategic communication and creative change solutions to their clients, and the results are impressive.

Jacqui Moore-Moroney, Eva Faulkner and Alaryse Whitton together in Brisbane city, Australia.

Jacqui loves being a small business owner and being able to mentor and grow the women she works with. She continues to work with her global clients and loves the variety of work and challenges that it brings. And she makes sure there is always time for her family and friends.

Looking back, Jacqui knows that it was her passion, her skills, and her willingness to put her hand up for opportunities that got her to where she is today. As a business owner, she has faced challenges and setbacks along the way, but she has always kept moving forward. And the journey isn’t over yet! Where it will take her next?

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